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Judges will be judging the quality and quantity of work done in planning and carrying out an electricity project, and how well the 4-H’er understands the project and the subject areas. Consider age and level of experience of the 4-H’er as you judge the type of project and the work involved.

General Judging Criteria

o Inspect for wire wrapping around the screw in the direction that the screw tightens down

o If using stranded wires, check to be sure all strands are under the screw head

o Proper wire type and size for the particular load the project requires

o Weatherproof equipment and connections for projects that will be used outside or in damp locations

o Terminals and connections that utilize household voltages should be enclosed

o (example: dead-front plugs and receptacles, all connections in electrical boxes)

o Connections – wire-to-wire connections must be soldered and taped OR have proper size wire-nut OR squeezed connector

o Wiring should be protected from sharp edges (grommets, silicon seal, etc)

o Ground – electrical materials and metal parts must be grounded

o Electrical materials and equipment should be U.L. approved

o Proper color coding and polarization for conductors – black for positive and white for negative (DC) or neutral(AC)

Electrical Safety Poster

Generally deal with a specific topic. Examples are, "Overhead Power Line Safety," "Electrical Safety in the Home," "On The Farm Safety."

Electric Energy Conservation

Should show useful methods of efficient use of electrical energy and conservation.


May include graphics and items made or studied in the Electricity Project. The graphic may show what electricity is, how a battery works, electrical safety rules, etc. The four items may include a sample fuse, simple switch, circuit board, cut away flashlight, electroplated objects, conductors-nonconductors, etc. Should include the appropriate objects, conductors-nonconductors, etc. and appropriate labeling.

Quiz Board or Steady Hand Tester

Game should be judged for usefulness, craftsmanship and wiring skill. Battery or power supply to operate the exhibit must be included. Questions on the quiz board may deal with any topic.

Telegraph Station - Exhibit should include one telegraph key and one telegraph sounder. The telegraph must be attached to a sturdy base and wired to a battery to demonstrate its operation. Display and major components should be clearly labeled.

Toy Electric Motor

Working model of an electric motor. The motor is to be of the 4 -H'ers design and should have the major parts labeled. A short, written description of how the motor works should be included. No pre -manufactured electric motor should will be accepted.

Electrical Wire or Cord Demonstration Board exhibit

May include a variety of samples of wire or cord. Each type of wire should be stripped on one end to show construction, and identified by name, voltage rating, amperage rating and recommended uses.

Electrical Connections

Any three of the following connections: 1) screw terminal, 2) rat -tail splice, 3) a wire nut connection, 4) Crimp splice, 5) split bolt. All connections should be labeled and enough steps should be clearly shown to make the educational value of the board apparent.

Electric Fencing system

This display may show different components such as grounding, insulator, wire, wire splices, lightning protection, how an energizer works, complete systems, etc. May use labeling, short written description or explanations, drawing, etc., to explain what is being shown.

Light Unit for Indoor or Outdoor Use

This may be a portable lamp, trouble light (grounded if the lamp base has a receptacle), study center decorative light, or some other similar article. Judging will be done mainly on electrical components, connections and safety.

Wiring Panel

This display may consist of any one of the following systems: 1) single pole switch, 2) three -way switch, 3) complete wiring system. Components should be displayed in a manner that illustrates actual construction wiring as closely as possible. A plug should be included so the system can be tested.

Home Lighting

Exhibit should include a lamp or some type of operating fixture used in home lighting. Should include a story that describes how the fixture is used, the type of light emitted and the area illuminated. A photograph showing how the lamp

or fixture is used in the home will also be helpful.

Electronic Equipment Made in an Electronics Project

Purchased pre-manufactured kits are often exhibited. Kits requiring minor work by 4 -H'ers are discouraged. Circuitry must be accessible for judging. A report should be included explaining purpose of item, operating instructions, and wiring diagrams. Any items needed to demonstrate operation of equipment should be included if possible.

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