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Forestry Exhibits

The purpose of the 4-H forestry project is to develop the member’s appreciation of forest plants and a basic understanding of forest values and forestry practices. Evidence of growth in these areas is the value to be judged in forestry exhibits.

Most exhibits involve either collections of plants or plans and models of tree plantings. Consider the following as you judge:

Mounted Plant Specimens:

♦ Correct identification by common name

♦ Correct identification by scientific name

♦ Condition of mounted specimen

♦ Arrangement of specimens

♦ Completeness of exhibit – flower, leaf, seed, etc.

Plans and Models:

♦ Accuracy of drawing or model to scale

♦ Suitability of design for intended purpose

♦ Completeness of detail

♦ Story or explanation – description of intended use or purpose of the design

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