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Science Projects

Judges will be judging the quality and quantity of work done in planning and carrying out a project in pure or applied science, and how well the 4-H’er understands the project and the subject areas. Projects may involve laboratory, field or theoretical investigation, or construction that demonstrates a creative approach or original thought. Consider how completely the problem has been covered in the project, along with the age and level of experience of the 4-H’er.


􀂾 Does the project demonstrate the 4-Her’s curiosity?

􀂾 Does the project or display demonstrate ingenuity in the design and development of the project?

􀂾 Has the 4-H’er shown creativity in the design of the display?

Scientific Thought

􀂾 Is the problem stated clearly? Is it sufficiently narrow?

􀂾 Is the method of investigation appropriate to the problem?

􀂾 Have variables been eliminated, controls been made and results been double-checked?

􀂾 Does the data collected justify the conclusion made?

􀂾 Does the 4-H’er understand how the project ties in with related research?

􀂾 Does the 4-H’er have an idea of what further research is indicated?

􀂾 Did s/he cite scientific literature, or cite only popular literature (local newspaper, Reader's Digest, etc.? (consider age level)

􀂾 Is the solution workable, acceptable to the potential user, and economically feasible?

􀂾 Can the solution be successfully utilized in design or construction of some end product?

􀂾 Does the solution represent a significant improvement over previous alternatives?


􀂾 Does the project indicate a thorough understanding of the chosen topic?

􀂾 Is the information accurate?

􀂾 Has sufficient data been collected?

􀂾 Does the display represent a complete story?

􀂾 If it is the kind of project where notes were appropriate, how complete are they?

􀂾 Is the 4-H member aware of other approaches or theories concerning the project?

􀂾 How much time was spent on the project?

􀂾 Is the 4-H’er familiar with the scientific literature in the field in which s/he was working?

􀂾 Are the conclusions based on a single experiment or replication?


􀂾 Does the project reflect the 4-Her’s own work?

􀂾 Is the project sturdy and well constructed?

􀂾 Is all equipment used within the 4-H member’s level of understanding or expertise?

􀂾 Does the project meet safety requirements?

􀂾 What assistance was received from parents, teachers, scientists or engineers?

􀂾 Was the project carried out under the supervision of an adult, or did the s/he work largely on his/her own?

􀂾 Is there evidence of skill in the use of the tools and methods of science?


􀂾 How clearly are the data and the results presented?

􀂾 Is the project self-explanatory? Can the average person understand it?

􀂾 Are all lettering, signs, and diagrams neat and accurate?

􀂾 Are lettering, signs and diagrams appropriately used or do they clutter or confuse?

􀂾 Are visual aids an asset to understanding the project or do they clutter or confuse?

Teamwork (if applicable)

􀂾 Are the tasks and contributions of each team member clearly outlined?

􀂾 Was each team member fully involved with the project, and is each member familiar with all aspects?

􀂾 Does the final work reflect the coordinated efforts of all team members?

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